The Curious Case of Sarah Jeong

The New York Times gives you the whole seat, but all you’ll need is THE EDGE!!!

Imagine living in a world where a publication like the New York Times hires an openly bigoted racial supremacist. Well, now you don’t have to imagine anything, as we are now living in the reality of a dystopian post-Trump world. You may not have ever believed the saying “you reap what you sow” but boy oh boy is it true; monsters with such evil and hatred in their hearts get to say whatever they want, and not only do they get away with it, but the NYT gives them jobs on their editorial board!

Just who is this malicious viper, you ask?


This lady!

Sarah Jeong is her name, and hating white people is her game. Earlier this year she faced a backlash online when it was reported that she had been offered a lucrative position at the NYT, as she had tweeted many offensive remarks, some going back five years ago. What did this charmer say that was so awful? What stuck out to critics online and was featured in many articles were the lines “dumbass f***ing white people”, “Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men” and “#CancelWhitePeople”.

Worse yet was Twitter’s tacit support of Jeong by verifying her account at the height of this melodrama. While the Times claims that many of their employees are verified by Twitter by a mere request, it seems a little odd that Twitter would verify someone who had publicly used their platform to espouse hateful rhetoric. Everybody familiar with Twitter knows that even the most obscure of accounts can be suspended or have their tweets deleted over far less.

This also begs the question: if virtually any employee at the Times – or any other popular publication, for that matter – can be verified so expediently… how exclusive is the process, really? It seems that so many public figures are verified anyway, and they were the only relevant people to follow in the first place.

Oh well. It’s all so ridiculous.

By the way, we here at HLTN absolutely do not take umbrage with anything Jeong has said. It’s just obvious that the NYT and Twitter have double standards when it comes to this sort of thing, and hypocrisy is intolerable. We support freedom of speech and expression 100% and quite frankly, we don’t really care if she or anybody else wants to vent their negative feelings. The internet is to a large extent a virtual public bathroom stall where everyone writes a bunch of rubbish, and nobody’s feelings should be hurt by it.

Except when your illustrious publication is insulted by someone who you hired.

Godspeed, Sarah!


One comment

  • Letter of Marque

    I suppose the New York Slimes hiring an anti-white racist shouldn’t be all that shocking. That said, Sarah Jeong has a track record of being an unethical journalist. Her track record includes publicly releasing the name of a rape victim and giving the go ahead to Vice to break a deal with a Chinese woman which led to the publication of personal data which could get the lady tossed in a labor camp.

    About the only thing good about the hiring of this pig is it has resulted in her shutting her pie hole on Twitter.


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