Calling Dr. Jones

Bad times for a national treasure

2018 has been quite the rough year for our favourite conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Not only did Twitter permanently suspend Jones and his affiliated InfoWars brand’s accounts, but PayPal banned him from the service, YouTube deleted his channels, and Apple and Facebook got rid of him as well. Some of the reasons cited were because he “promotes hate or discriminatory intolerance”, “violating community guidelines” and “violating abusive behaviour policies”.

For those who live under a journalistic rock, Alex Jones is a reporter deserving of the utmost respect. He truly calls it as he sees it, and certainly has access to the most arcane of sources (and like any great journalist, he never reveals them). He has never spread disinformation and has opened millions of peoples’ eyes to who really runs this planet, namely: The Illuminati, Bavarian death cults, reptilian humanoids and the Nazi space demons.

Did we mention he can talk to God Himself directly?

So, why did these corporate entities shut down Jones? A lot of people will tell you it’s because he’s a compulsive liar who thinks every single occurrence is a conspiracy or a false flag attack – just like he called the massacre at Sandy Hook a hoax – but we here at Here Lies The News believe that everybody’s afraid that Jones will not hesitate to tell the truth about any subject. This is the reason he has been censored across the board, and the public needs to stand up and support this highly-regarded obviously sane man.

The only plausible explanation for these companies going after him so hard is also the most ironic. The censorship mostly coincides with Jones’ reaction to the United States’ bombing of Syria, which caused him to finally criticise President Donald Trump harshly. Jones had been a fan of Trump’s presidency up until this year, and even interviewed him on his show via Skype back in 2015. Though Jones is often labelled a “right-wing conspiracy kook” by his detractors, what got him into hot water was the condemnation of these attacks and saying “f*** Trump!”

This is not typical behaviour of a right-winger… and it’s not typical behaviour for giant corporations to respond in this way, either. Critics of right-wing politics and Donald Trump such as Chelsea Handler, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart – the list goes on and on – have not been threatened by social media companies or their advertisers.

Something is not right in this situation.

Oh well.

Hang in there, Jonesy baby!


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